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Howto end the vicious cycle of pets over population E-mail
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Tuesday, 14 August 2018 19:32
First, we are not talking about animal over population, it is a much bigger topic out of scope. In my opinion, the problem can only be resolved from top to down at the same time, meaning both supply and demand need to be throttled, and for the existing pets population, all the cost should be lowered especially the medical charge, because the biggest reason people abandon their pets is because the medical expense is much higher than the cost of buying a pet itself, they tend to buy new pets instead which in turn increase the demand and the existing population. Everybody knows the worst case scenario is to abandon their pets in the nature, when the pets are out in the nature, they probably start to over populate to expand their territory, which probably will destroy the balance of the food chain. When the pets are out in the street, they will soon or later end up in the shelters, the shelters which suppose they are really non profit, most definitely cannot afford the huge bill of medical charge, they will start to euthanize the pets when they reach their capacity or running out of cash, and more pet owners will tend to abandon their pets in the nature other than in the street to avoid euthanization. The huge medical bill also cost the better health of the shelter pets, and people will be more cautious to adopt pets from shelter, because again, the medical expense is much higher than the cost of buying a pet itself.Concerning the supply, people should be encouraged to adopt from professional (most likely big) shelters that have capability to maintain good health of their pets, those unprofessional (most likely small) shelters should consider to merge or build alliance with big shelters to maintain the good health of pets, I hope nobody is trying to make a profit here in those non profit shelters if they really trying to do good deeds. People should be encouraged to buy from trusted pet breeder instead of pets mill or unprofessional breeders, there should be a better controlled system in place for breeder certification. And shelters should make the adoption process easier, other than that, people will try to buy pets instead of adoption because the happiness of having a pet is much valuable than the cost of a pet, again, this will cost the increase of pet population. Besides, it is better for them to be taken special care by individual person, other than in a crowded shelter.Concerning the demand, people should be encouraged to do their homework before adopt or buying pets, they not only should know how to choose a right breed to suit their needs, but they should also know all the worst scenario about how pets could affect their life if possible. Take a woman I know for example, in my understanding she must be a good pet owner, but it turn out that she don't know how troublesome to raise a pet until then. And people should their self evaluation to see if they are suitable to raise pets, take myself as an example, I bring home a stray cat, she is wild and always use my hands as scratch pads, but I treated her well like a friend because scratch things with their nails is a most natural cat thing to do, so she always trusted me and one night she gave birth next to me on my bed, and it is such a beautiful thing to remember.That is just my 2 cents, hope it will do something good.

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Howto end the vicious cycle of pets over population
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