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listen to your Dog/ Cat-iphone app

PostPosted: Thu May 17, 2012 9:56 pm
by admin ... 31694?mt=8
CrossTuner lets you hear the inner thoughts of the animals and people around you, simply by talking to them!

To use the app, hold your iPhone or iPod Touch up to your subject, speak to them, and CrossTuner will reply with their inner thoughts!

You can use the CrossTuner dial to tune into different inner thoughts, such as Dog, Cat, or even Zombie. Try turning it on your dog to see what he's thinking, or discover the true inner feline ponderings of your cat.

Plus, you can press the CrossTuner button on the dial to record a movie of your conversation. You can share your movies on Facebook or YouTube. Each movie can be saved to your device's camera roll, so you can also e-mail or Tweet them to your friends.