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US State Dogs

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US State Dogs

Postby admin » Sun Apr 17, 2016 4:24 pm

Alaska Alaskan Malamute "A white and grey husky-like dog faces left. Its tail curves over its back." 2010 [23]
Louisiana Catahoula Leopard dog "A mottled brown dog with a white chest faces right. It wears a red collar." 1979 [1]
Maryland Chesapeake Bay Retriever "A brown dog faces left." 1964 [1]
Massachusetts Boston Terrier "A brown and white dog turns to face the camera. Its ear's stand up on top of its head." 1979 [1]
New Hampshire Chinook "A light brown dog stands in woodland. It faces left but has turned its head to face the camera." 2009 [9]
North Carolina Plott Hound "A dark colored mottled dog faces right while sniffing the ground." 1989 [1]
Pennsylvania Great Dane "A large white dog with black patches stands next to a trophy." 1965 [24]
South Carolina Boykin Spaniel "A brown spaniel faces the camera in the snow." 1985 [25]
Texas Blue Lacy "A dark grey colored dog faces just to the right, it wears a large tag on its collar." 2005 [26]
Virginia American Foxhound "A mostly white dog with black and brown markings faces left with its head turned to the camera." 1966 [27]
Wisconsin American Water Spaniel "A curly coated dark brown colored spaniel stands next to its owner." 1985 [28]
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