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a vet who shouldn't be qualified as a vet

including pets and non-pets

what do you think she would hurt the animal she was supposed to take care as a vet?

she wanted to be an archer, but her parents want her to be a vet
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she was attacked by an angry bird
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she went through a mental breakdown
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she wants to herd a cow but her parents give her a cock
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a vet who shouldn't be qualified as a vet

Postby admin » Sat Jun 27, 2015 5:45 pm

http://www.khou.com/story/news/local/20 ... /29219199/

BELLVILLE, Texas – A Brenham veterinarian who killed a cat with a bow and arrow will not face charges at this time after an Austin County grand jury returned a "no-bill" in the case.

A finding of no-bill indicates the grand jury examined all the evidence and determined there was insufficient proof to charge.

She was accused of posting a picture to Facebook back in April where's she holding up a dead cat with an arrow through its head, bragging about her kill.

The Austin County Sheriff's Office say they received an unsworn hearsay report that the vet was acting to protect her pets from a "potentially rabid stray cat."

After a thorough investigation, investigators not able to determine where or when the incident took place.

Without that, investigators lacked probable cause to obtain a search warrant for any Austin County properties pertaining to the incident.

Investigators said subpoenas to Facebook failed to produce usable evidence since the vet's account had been deleted prior to the Sheriff's Office learning of the incident.

Many people were outside the Austin County Courthouse Wednesday protesting and demanding the grand jury indict the veterinarian.

Since she has not been charged KHOU 11 News are not releasing her name or showing her face.

The cat was named Tiger; KHOU 11 News spoke with his pet sitter on Wednesday.

"He went missing at the time, and when I saw the picture in my heart I knew it was him," Amy Hemsell said. "I'm hoping that she is punished to the fullest extent for animal cruelty."

Protestors say this was about more than this one cat, but animal cruelty as a whole. The veterinarian has since been fired from her job.

Posters have been sent from people all over the world voicing their support for Tiger and asking for an indictment.
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