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Xiamen A-Z (please followup with your own A-Z about Xiamen)

about Xiamen

Xiamen A-Z (please followup with your own A-Z about Xiamen)

Postby admin » Sat Jul 31, 2010 12:00 pm

air- air quality is good
beach- the beaches in xiamen are beautiful
cat- a lot of families have cats
dog- a lot of families have dogs
evening- xiamen is an energetic city
food- food in xiamen is delicious
girl- xiamen girls are lovely
home- xiamen is my hometown
island- gulang island is pretty
jam- there is a delicious coconut jam in xiamen, taste it and you will love it
karaoke- there are a lot of karaoke boxes in xiamen
leisure- life in xiamen is leisure, hope your enjoy your stay here
monk- there are some temples in xiamen if you want to experience the life of a monk
night- night lights and night life in xiamen is colorful
ocean- ocean surround xiamen
park- a lot of awesome parks in xiamen
quality- products in xiamen are with good quality
sky- the most i like about the sky in xiamen is it has a wonderful lovely red color at dusk, i dun know about the dawn part, as i usually get up late
tea- there are a lot of tea house in xiamen where you can drink tea with friends in a private room
university- the university of xiamen is one of the best in China
victory- you probably notice there is stone statue in gulang island, some foreign country called him Koxinga, what a stupid name, if he has an English name then it must be Victory Zheng, as its first name is Chinese means victory, he was a patriot who is loyal to his country
wind- stand by the sea, let the wind blow your face, smell the freshness of sea water
xiamen- what can i say, it is xiamen again
young- xiamen always remind me of the good days when i was young
zoo- xiamen has a zoo at the suburb, i haven't been there, but you probably want to check it out
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