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Lacquer thread sculpture

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Lacquer thread sculpture

Postby admin » Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:29 pm

Year: 2006
Sort: Traditional Handicraft
Area: Fujian Province
Serial No.: Ⅷ-55, China intangible cultural heritage
Declarer: Xiamen, Fujian Province

Lacquer thread sculpture is a unique folk craftwork with a history as long as 300 years in Xiamen. The craft appeared around the early 17th century and matured 300 years later. Deriving from ancient Buddhist sculpture, the development of lacquer thread sculpture is attributed to the prevalence of Buddhism in Xiamen and the thriving market of Buddhist sculpture.

The craft of traditional lacquer thread sculpture includes sculpture, foundation make-up,
the decoration of the lacquer thread and covering the thread with gold and filling in the colour. Although the sculpture is the ultimate result, the art of lacquer thread decoration has a great influence on what the lacquer thread sculpture will finally look like aesthetically.

== Production ==
raw material: brick powder & natural lacquer exuding from the Field Lacquer tree, this kind of lacquer is glossiness, moreover the anticorrosion is heat-resisting and firm, also can agglutinate with any item together.

production of the lacquer thread: The materials are pestled into a soft 'mud' pie with good elasticity. This 'mud' pie is twined into lacquer threads by hand and applied to a brick base covered with foundation lacquer to form various embossed designs.

overlay: the lacquer thread is then overlay on a base material such as plates, vases, stoves and other stoneware and glass vessels, the overlays are multiple to form a sophisticated sculpture such as dragon, phoenix, hawk.

gold coating: the sculpture surface is covered with high purity gold film. So it can keep permanent gloss as the beginning.

== External Links ==
* [http://www.chinaculture.org/focus/2006-10/31/content_87955_2.htm Xiamen Lacquer Thread Sculpture]
* [http://www.xiamenguide.com/viewStyle1.jsp?r=12&n=culture&cid=180 Lacquer Thread Sculpture]

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