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How to Have a Non-Lame White Elephant Gift Exchange Party!


How to Have a Non-Lame White Elephant Gift Exchange Party!

Postby admin » Sun Dec 24, 2017 10:58 pm

What makes a White Elephant/Dirty Santa Party LAME?

Boring friends.
Cheap gifts.
Practical items.
No one steals!
What makes a White Elephant/Dirty Santa Party HILARIOUS?

Rowdy friends.
Adhering to the specified gift value.
Funny gifts.
Being vicious and stealing gifts whenever you get the chance!
Yes, the best part of the party is when gifts are stolen, swapped, switched and then finally frozen.

What are White Elephant Gift Exchange Party Rules?

Count how many wrapped gifts are at the party. Cut up the same amount of pieces of paper, then number each one. For example, if there are 26 gifts, cut up 26 pieces of paper and number each piece individually 1, 2, 3, and so on…
Place paper pieces in bowl and have guests randomly draw a number.
The lucky person who selected #1 gets to go first.
Gifts cannot be picked up, moved, or shaken. Once it’s touched, it’s yours!
A gift can only be stolen twice, meaning it’s been touched by a maximum of three people.
Once it’s been possessed by three people the item is frozen. Locked. No one can steal it.
BUT at the end of the game, #1 is allowed to go back and swap their gift with anyone…even if it’s locked and frozen. Yes, being #1 is awesome!
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