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TapTape · Be Invested in Music You Love


TapTape · Be Invested in Music You Love

Postby admin » Tue Oct 06, 2015 2:02 pm

How it Works

Discover Music
Explore music from exciting up-and-coming artists. Each of the artists on TapTape is carefully selected by our team, as well as our partner labels and managers. Listen to tracks seamlessly in our music player as you go.

Support Artists
Invest in artists you love. Contribute any amount you want. Tell your friends you just discovered the next big thing, and when the campaign hits its goal, get rewarded immediately.

Share Success
As the artist's success grows, you automatically earn TapCoins. Use them to buy merch, tickets, Amazon credit -or reinvest them in the next artist. Move up the leaderboard and prove you know how to spot talent.
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