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Nato Phonetic Alphabet


Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Postby admin » Wed Oct 19, 2016 12:24 am


Code Word:
A Alpha Al fah
B Bravo Brah Voh
C Charlie Char Lee
D Delta Dell Tah
E Echo Eck Oh
F Foxtrot Foks Trot
G Golf Golf
H Hotel Hoh Tell (FAA, IMO, ITU) Ho Tell (ICAO)
I India In Dee Ah
J Juliett Jew Lee Ett
K Kilo Key Loh
L Lima Lee Mah
M Mike Mike
N November No Vem Ber
O Oscar Oss Car
P Papa Pah Pah
Q Quebec Keh Beck
R Romeo Row Me Oh
S Sierra See Air Ah (FAA) See Air Rah (ICAO, IMO, ITU)
T Tango Tang Go
U Uniform You Nee Form
V Victor Vik Tah
W Whiskey Wiss Key
X X Ray Ecks Ray
Y Yankee Yang Key
Z Zulu Zoo Loo
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