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phind- discover place visually


phind- discover place visually

Postby admin » Fri May 08, 2015 3:19 pm

Make discovering places fast, easy and memorable with PHIND. PHIND opens the door to a world of exploration, simply by taking a photo of a place you see. Whether it is a cool building, landmark, attraction, or even restaurant, just take a photo of it and PHIND will quickly identify what you are looking at, and provide you with useful information, tips, reviews, shared photos, and the best places to go to nearby. With PHIND, a picture is truly worth a thousand words.

PHIND is your local search companion that lets you snap photos, discover places, plan less, learn more, and create unforgettable experiences. With exceptional information already available on popular apps that you already use, PHIND simply extends their capability but through a single, quick and reliable experience. So go explore your wanderlust!

For Travelers:

Download PHIND and start discovering the world with a simple snap of a photo.

Why You’ll Love It:

• Explore the beautiful cities around the world like never before
• Don’t worry too much about planning before a trip or relying on guides and maps – PHIND lets you discover places on the go
• Whether they’re iconic or not, easily learn about monuments and landmarks in foreign lands
• No longer do you need to ask around for information or find out where you are or what you are looking at – just take a photo
• Feel confident about being in a new surrounding
• You’re always on an adventure with PHIND – check out all the best suggested places nearby to you to continue your discoveries
• Finding the top restaurants to eat at or best places to shop has never been easier

For Locals:

Download PHIND and get to know your local surroundings better.

Why You’ll Love it:

• Learn more about your home town than ever before
• Find out more about local restaurants, landmarks and attractions easily
• Take a photo of places you pass by everyday and finally find out a brief history or an interesting fact about it
• Share your new found knowledge with friends and family
• Discover restaurants better – make a reservation or even view their menu
• Everything you need to know to enjoy your city more – just snap to explore
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