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Heydooda! The kitty says: Hello animal kids


Heydooda! The kitty says: Hello animal kids

Postby admin » Sun Aug 16, 2015 7:49 pm

https://itunes.apple.com/hk/app/heydood ... mpt=uo%3D4

Most of you asked us for more animals. So here we go: from now on, you can buy packages of 12 items directly inside the app. The first 12 animals remain of course free. There´s 1 more set of animals and 2 sets of vehicles available. And as an introductory offer, they are quite cheap... get them now!

* Our successful app for iPhone and iPad now free for your Mac
* Make sure to check out our other apps for kids

This is a very nice and cute educational app for small kids and babys. It includes beautifully illustrated animals and funny motivating sounds. Toddlers are having so much fun to play around with the app and find out the names and the matching sounds of these cute little animals.

"The kitty says: Hello animal kids" helps your child to learn and recognize animals, match animal names and sounds plus develop finemotoric skills and learn how to use the mouse and the touchpad. This game is a also great tool to train your kid´s memory. The app is tested by kids and toddlers and has an optimized user interface for children.

If your children love these sweet and funny animals, they could meet them again in our other educational games for endless hours of fun.

We love to build the best learning apps for your kids. If you like "The Kitty says: hello animal kids", you´ll love our other apps. Look out for more educational games from us here at the appstore: simply search for "Heydooda".

ATTENTION PLEASE: We have a great customer support. If you have problems with the app, please contact us before giving it a bad review: heyduda@zeec.biz

We´d also like you to please keep in mind that this is a completely free App with no advertising, before giving it a bad review. We do not want your kids to klick on Ads, no one can control. Enjoy the free ride...
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