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iCantHear - A speech-to-text to remote screen app on the App


iCantHear - A speech-to-text to remote screen app on the App

Postby admin » Wed Mar 11, 2015 2:33 pm

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/icanthe ... d956632577
Communicate easily with people with hearing impairment.

This app uses the built-in iOS speech-to-text functionality and streams the text instantly to a unique URL. This allows you to have communication with a deaf person in a much simpler way than using notes, or other speech-to-text apps that are not specifically designed for this purpose. Text automatically clears after a 2 second pause, resulting in almost natural conversations. Font size can be adjusted to be really large if needed. The app can also translate on-the-fly (beta feature).

This app REQUIRES a second device and internet access on BOTH. Can be a computer, smartphone, smartTV or tablet.

This does not work on devices without speech-to-text i.e. prior to iPhone 5

ATTENTION multi-language users: for example if your keyboard is QUERTY the speech-to-text will expect english, if it is AZERTY it will expect french etc... get it wrong and you might have the impression this app does not work at all.

I built this to communicate with my 89 year old aunt who lost her hearing after a shell fell a few blocks from her house in Antwerp during WW2. Hopefully this is useful to others.

Support the development by sending your feedback/appreciation to etienne@voicepolls.com
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