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Best Photography Apps for Android & iPhone of 2016


Best Photography Apps for Android & iPhone of 2016

Postby admin » Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:51 am

https://dslrbuzz.com/best-photography-a ... id-iphone/
360 Panorama:

The 360 Panorama allows the user to capture a panorama using a grid-based user interface. After clicking the “start” button, and then tapping the screen of your smart-phone at regular pauses will join the shots together.

While taking a panorama, its necessary to keep the camera straight and smooth to capture a flawless image. The grid-based user interface makes it easier for the user to keep the camera straight and the joining process of the images works extremely well removing all the flaws of the image.

The iOS version of the 360 Panorama app works seamlessly and is suggested to install by the critics for iOS users. Android version of the app however was very laggy and full of bugs when tested.

For iPhone360 Panorama

Lapse It Pro Edition:

Other apps like the ZoomFX provides the feature of capturing a time-lapse but the Lapse It has a cutting edge over other apps as it provides a very smooth and efficient process for capturing a time-lapse.

A time-lapse can be captured by using a controlled mode which shoot particular number of frames or for a particular length of time. The other mode is continuous mode which can be left to capture continuously until it is stopped by the user. After completing the shot, it can be played back immediately, edited and compiled into a smooth time-lapse.

Resolution is available from 240p to 1080p HD. A user can also capture at camera’s highest available resolution.

For iPhone

For AndroidLapse It • Time Lapse & Stop Motion Camera • Free

Camera Zoom FX:

For greater control over the smart-phone’s camera, this is the app.

Control over exposure level using a single slider, but it lacks precision. A stable shooting mode is also available in the app which tracks movement and took the shot after the camera is stable.

Different other modes like time-lapse, self-timer, burst mode and a brilliant shutter mode which is activated over voice are part of this app. White Balance (WB) presets are also available but an Auto White Balance (AWB) is more efficient, providing better results as compared to the manual mode.

This user-friendly app is recommended by the critics for the users who want to start smart-phone photography.

For AndroidCamera ZOOM FX Premium

Adobe Photoshop Fix:

Adobe Photoshop is like a Lite version of the desktop the app and includes features like Spot Healing. You can also send projects to the desktop app from the smart-phone app to work on later. This apps comes really handy if you use your smart-phone’s Wi-Fi enabled camera frequently.

For iPhoneAdobe Photoshop Fix— Retouch, refine, and enhance photos

Camera FV-5:

This app is the resourceful and technical for Android users.

It has ±4EV compensation with an ISO range of 50-3200 and is capable of capturing long exposures shots of up to 1 minute. Other features like evaluative, centreweighted and spot metering are also built in this app. A display similar to a display of a DSLR allows the user to adjust the settings really quickly and efficiently.

As compared to Zoom FX, Camera FV-5 is more versatile and efficient, providing more options to the smart-phone photographers.

For AndroidCamera FV-5


For Instagram lovers who want something more unique and different with an advanced control, Enlight is something what they are looking for. It has vintage filters, black and white filters and has an ability to add light leaks and vignettes, making the app more appealing. Text, characters, frames and collages for personalization can also be added.

Detailing in editing features like cropping, skewing, contrasting, etc is also improved as compared to other photography apps.

For iPhone
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