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howto find out your app review days before it get published?


howto find out your app review days before it get published?

Postby admin » Thu Apr 16, 2015 2:17 pm

Every developer can't wait for the moment when the review period is over and his shiny, blinky software is going to start producing an income of thousands of dollars. The question is, how long do you have to wait? This is where Review Times comes in to play...

Review Times is a small application that places an Icon on the Menubar. When you click on the Icon a Popover is presented showing the calculated review times for both the Mac App Store and the iOS App Store. All data is retrieved from appreviewtimes.com.

You can use Review Times to submit your own app review times by sending a tweet - right from within the app. Just click the Twitter Icon or use the shortcut ⌘S.

Review Times also provides a simple and clean Today Widget. It gives you the same information as the popover window.

In the preferences you can customize the behaviour of Review Times. You will be able to configure if Review Times should launch at Login, and whether you would like to recieve a Notification Center notification when the review times have been updated.

Finally you can select which Twitter Account, from those you have configured in System Preferences, that you would like to use to submit your own review times.
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