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We respond to dogs that no other rescue will help - giving them the opportunity and time to heal. We provide ALL the necessary medical and nutritional care these dogs will need for a second chance. We have been focused on the daily TLC these dogs are so deserving of and we have witnessed the transformation of broken spirits and bodies into healthy, vibrant dogs anxious to find their forever families.

The unbroken spirit of the disabled dog is a humbling experience. We provide just a little TLC and it's returned 10 fold. All of these dogs work to get ready for their new homes - complete with wagging tails, big smiles, and a huge heart to share. It's so important that we are able to continue helping dogs with disabilities.

Pets with Disabilities has succeeded for over 15 yrs because of the gifts these dogs choose to share - teaching and opening hearts. They have taught us:

Living with a wheelchair dog, it is a labor of love. Although their back legs may no longer be mobile, their spirit is certainly not broken. They are still the same dog you once loved and will continue to enjoy life with a little help from their family. The biggest challenge to most people is time, it will take time to put their dogs in and out of their wheelchair for daily exercise, it will take time to clean, many wheelchair dogs will have accidents, so you will have to invest in clever ways to keep it manageable. We have an area for our wheelchair dogs that is easy to clean and they feel like they are part of our family. The most amazing thing to witness was watching our border collie, Kiri still be able to herd sheep in a her wheelchair or watching Duke, enjoying his trail walks, even the most challenging he conquered in wheels. Seeing a dog a wheelchair enjoy life is the true meaning of unconditional human love. We are here to help with other questions and support when needed.

Living with a blind dog is very similar to living with a sighted dog - many of the blind dogs at the rescue where born blind, so they are fearless in their movements and have acute hearing and smelling senses. They may bump into something, but it's usually only once. When we open the apartment doors - they come out the door, down the hall, and into the yard without missing a beat. They will all jump up on their futon beds, and they like toys, and some how they always know where their person is for the hugs and belly rubs. We really like our blind rescues to have a fenced yard and railings on any stairways. We encourage you to open your heart to a blind dog - they will repay you with their huge heart!!

Living with a deaf dog has many advantages! You can come in the front door, put your coat and bags down before they know you're there and the greetings begin. They are not thunder phobic. The door bell does not create chaos. Deaf dogs create a tremendous bond with their guardians - all communication is done with sight, so their eyes are always "on you". We have met many people that have enjoyed learning "doggie sign language" and gotten creative in their heart connections to their dogs. Deaf dogs seem to wag their tails as hard as any hearing dog. They love to chase their toys, cuddle, get belly rubs, and be with their person. If you'd like a companion that won't complain about your singing voice or how loud you keep the TV - but will completely bond to your heart and moods - experience the special relationship the deaf dogs love to have.

Living with the 3 legged dogs and dogs with other physical disabilities - at Pets with Disabilities. We know these dogs have physical "disabilities" you can see - but they certainly don't have a disabled spirit. They manage their missing leg or physical imperfection without missing a beat. Their hearts are open, their eyes pleading for acceptance. They may not be running marathons, but they will win your heart.
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