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Companion Animal Federation Hong Kong動物伴我行會社


Companion Animal Federation Hong Kong動物伴我行會社

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Companion Animal Federation ( 動物伴我行會社) was founded in 2002 to promote kindness, prevent and suppress cruelty to animals and to suppress abuse to companion animals. It is the first animal welfare charity in Hong Kong that begins to treat abandoned animals suffering from skin disease with ozone application since 2006.
Charitable Status
CAF (動物伴我行會社 )is a registered charity in Hong Kong ( No: 91/7197) that receives NO government support . All running costs are funded entirely by voluntary donations.
CAF Missions & Objectives
CAF is missioned to provide an immediate relief of death threat for abandoned / abused / injured / sick animals, and provides them with medical treatment so that they could have an EQUAL opportunity of getting a precious second chance of rebirth.
CAF believes that rescuing animals with medical conditions and providing them with veterinary care, food, shelter and proper training is an re-inforcement of the respect of biodiversity as well and the notion of HUMAN-ANIMAL Bond ... More
CAF stands firms that adoption is a sacred sacrifice to voluntarily and irrevocably provide the best affordable care and love to abandoned and/or recovered animals disregard their past history, reasons of being abandoned, their age and breed, and provide them with a precious second chance of rebirth... More
CAF Stop Mishap, No slay Policy
CAF is a member of the NO Kill City in Hong Kong. "Kill the problem, not the companion Animals" has always been the belief of CAF regarding the crisis of animal over population other conflicts between humans and companion animals ...
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