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Hong Kong Cat Refuge


Hong Kong Cat Refuge

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Our Background

We are a registered charitable animal organisation aiming at rescuing animals through ABC (Animal Birth Control). Since there are hundreds of thousands of animals abandoned , put down by AFCD and even tortured by people every year. It is believed that only ABC could help eliminate this problem block the breeding cycle and save millions of public finance as well as the principle of humane of "No Kill" could be achieved. According to statistics, every female dog/cat we desexed means at least 50 lives could be saved in a year and 5 millions or more in 10 years.

The operation cost of ABC and HKCR's funding entirely relies on public donation since we have no government subsidy or allowance. The desexing fee of a stray dog, vaccination and basic medical care are only $500.

Our email address is jane@hkcr.org.hk or hkcr@ymail.com and we are located at no.29 of So Kwun Wat Tsuen, Tuen Mun. For adoption or volunteering you can call our hotline 82004668 or email us.

Our Mission

1.Trap, neuter and rehome/ release stray cats and dogs

2.Help desex the cats and dogs that come into our care
3.Provide them with shelter and eventually a permanent home
4.Find a suitable and responsible family for the cats and dogs in our care
5.If needed, provide the cats and dogs with medical treatment by our ABC clinic
6.Educate the public of animal welfare, and the relationship between humans and animals
7.Educate and prevent animal cruelty

During the past years, We have desexed more than 5,000 stray dogs and cats.
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