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birds suffer immensely in production


birds suffer immensely in production

Postby admin » Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:29 pm

Ducks and Geese Tortured for Clothing
Ducks and geese used for down suffer immensely. Tell five companies to ditch the cruelly obtained material.

Force-feeding is an agonizing process during which tubes are rammed down birds’ throats in order to pump corn mush into their stomachs until their livers swell to as much as 10 times their normal size. The diseased livers are sold as foie gras. Foie gras producers boost their profits by selling the feathers of the force-fed birds.
PETA and PETA Asia have investigated live-pluck operations that supply down to clothing companies. Eyewitnesses saw workers rip geese’s feathers out—leaving open, bloody wounds—while the birds were fully conscious. Many struggled and screamed in terror as their feathers were torn out, while others froze, paralyzed with fear.
Some companies claim that they don’t use down from live-plucked birds, but it’s nearly impossible to track feathers to their original supplier. In addition, birds who aren’t plucked alive or force-fed still spend their entire lives in crowded, filthy conditions on factory farms before being killed in a violent, painful way.
Violently Killed
The vast majority of birds used for down endure a lifetime of misery. When they’re finally sent to slaughter, their throats are slit—often while they’re still fully conscious—and many are scalded to death in defeathering tanks. Regardless of whether they’re force-fed or live-plucked, all birds used for down are eventually killed in a terrifying way.
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