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https://dogvacay.com/blog/top-10-secret ... happy-dog/

People often wonder what they can do to make their dog the happiest he can be. Should they buy more toys? Perhaps take the four-legged friend to the park more often? Or maybe give him fewer baths? (Note: this last method is not recommended). The answer? Your dog is a fantastic friend not only because of loyalty and love for you, but also love of a simple life. Here are ten tips that can lead to a mentally and physically happy dog.

10. Home Sweet Home

Not only is it important for you to feel comfortable with a dog in your home, but it is equally important for your dog to feel comfortable in the home as well. Ensure that your pup has enough space to play, eat, and relax. When they are outside, make sure they have a nice, shady place to rest and avoid the sunlight. Most importantly, be sure that your pooch has a space to be comfortable, safe, and really feel like they can call their place “home.”

9. “Puppy Proofing”

Whether your dog is 10 months old or 10 years old, there are still things around the house and yard that can be dangerous for your him. The term is called ‘puppy proofing’ because puppies tend to be more rambunctious (thus, running into things) and wish to explore their world more thoroughly (in other words, eat random things).

Not only can puppy proofing help save your home, but also it can save your dog’s life. If a dog runs into something breakable, they can be cut or smashed in the aftermath. If they eat something unusual, it can cause anything from diarrhea to, at worst, death. If nothing else, eating indigestible things means a lot of vomit for you to clean up – not a pretty sight.

8. Vitamins

Yes, dogs do need their vitamins. Anything from multivitamins (to help them grow) to supplements (for joint pain and longevity) can be integral in your dog’s health. Many companies are devoted to supplemental health for dogs, whether in prescription form or homeopathic form. For example, garlic supplements tend to be fantastic for keeping bugs away (that is, if you do not mind garlic breath when receiving puppy kisses).

7. Grooming

Not only does grooming help your pal feel pretty, it is very important to their health. Trimming nails can prevent walking issues as well as bleeding and pain from a broken nail; brushing teeth helps with gum disease and digestion; grooming the coat helps prevent bugs and skin infection.

6. Rest

Though they are experts at wearing you out, dogs need plenty of rest as well. Puppies need between 10-14 hours of sleep a day! Sleep (and dog naps) is important to your dog for growth, energy levels, and overall mood.

5. Socializing

When your dog is awake, they need to play! With you, other people, and especially other dogs. Being that they are social creatures, dogs are in need of attention and exploration to keep them happy.

4. Training

Yes, training. Not only will this keep your dog’s mind and body active, but it will create a happier living environment for you and your pooch as well.

3. Water

Water, water, everywhere. Be sure that is the case with your dogs. As with many creatures, dogs are prone to dehydration and it is a very serious issue. Provide clean, cool water 24/7 as well as after playing and eating.

2. Good Foods

Finding the right food is integral to your pet’s health. It is important for their teeth, their digestion, and their growth to find the right type and amount of food. Every dog is different, and there is a lot of variety out there.

1. TLC

At the top of our list: tender loving care. All of these tips are very important to your dog’s health, but your love is just as important (but cannot replace) good food and water. Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason!

Taking care of a dog can be extremely rewarding if you have a compliant, healthy, and happy dog. Especially with home dog boarding, utilize these practical tips to maintain a well-rounded pup.
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