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Angel was born in Texas with three legs and one eye. Angel's breeder Barbara Shapely at River Ranch refused to take her veterinarian's advice and euthanize her at birth. Barbara called me as I had been working in rescue for 9 years and she wanted Angel to have a good safe home. It was a private adoption. I signed AKC papers when I picked Angel up at 5 weeks old. She was an only puppy, a very rare occurance among Golden Retrievers. Angel needed to play with other dogs to learn socialization. So, Angel grew up with a friend's Shitzu named Zoe. Angel is an amazing therapy dog. She knows just when to be a clown and when to be serious. I love her deeply. She was named Angel, by Barbara. To this day Barbara, who has had 8 champion Golden Retrievers, keeps Angel's photo by her bed side. Angel has never known any thing but love.
Angel is a reminder to fight for the ones who are different, the one who are weaker, the ones who look like throwaways, because they may just surprise you.
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