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DogSync - task management system


DogSync - task management system

Postby admin » Mon Oct 19, 2015 2:12 pm

https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dogsync ... 60645?mt=8

Made with love by a bunch of dogs, DogSync is the best way to keep track of your dog's care. Easily log what was done, communicate it to others or ask for help in seconds

Now you can speak dog:
Tap a task and your pack will get a barkification (it's a word if we say it is) right away! We keep track of who did what and when, so you’ll never be guessing who’s turn it is to walk the dog ;).

Bark for help!
Rapidly ask for your pack’s help! We’ll keep you updated so you know who’s going to feed the dog, and when it actually gets done.

*** Features Include ***
• Tasks allow you to log and communicate doggy tasks, such as taking the dog for a walk, all at once.
• Asks let you ask for help from another pack member and track their progress as they do it.
• The task badges make using DogSync fast and visual.
• The Calendar lets you look back at your history of logged tasks.
• Packs connect you with everyone else who helps you take care of the dog, keeping everyone in sync with the dogs care.
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