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Blind Jack Russell and his ‘guide dog’ best friend search for new home
The two inseparable dogs were found abandoned in County Durham and need to find a loving new home together

Buzz, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, is Glenn’s very own ‘guide dog’. He has been seen leading Glenn while on walks, helping him find his food and assisting him getting into bed.

The pair were recently found abandoned in a sea tunnel in Hartlepool, County Durham, and were rescued by Stray Aid, a rehoming centre for dogs in Coxhoe.
The dogs are believed to be roughly 10 years old and it is thought they were abandoned because of their age and Glenn’s vision problems.
Hannah Critchlow, a Stray Aid volunteer, told ABC News: “They instantly had a bond when they came in, so we kept them together. Whenever they're separated they start crying and barking for each other.”
"They have to stay together," she added.

There is good news for the dogs, the rescue centre has already had over 20 calls from people interested in adopting them.
"Some dogs are here months and months and not one person looks at them or has interest, so there's an unusual amount of interest in them," Ms Critchlow said. "Everyone is in love with them, and they're both just so friendly, lovable and very chill."
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