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Postby admin » Sun Jul 20, 2014 9:06 pm

This is a different take on the doorbell because you can use it inside or outside of your home. A successful Indiegogo campaign, the Pebble Smart Doorbell designed to prevent your dogs from scratching up either the inside or outside of your doors when they need to be let out or want back in. To help train your dog to use the doorbell, which they press with their nose, you can hide a treat behind the button. Once your pup is trained, they can ring the bell, which you hang at nose-level, to let you know it’s time to go outside, and if you have a fenced in yard, ring the outside bell to be let back in once they’re done. We imagine it would take a bit of time to get them fully trained, but it’s certainly better than whining or scratching at the door.
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