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Pet Fountains Keep Cats And Dogs From Dehydration


Pet Fountains Keep Cats And Dogs From Dehydration

Postby admin » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:48 pm

1. Doggie Fountain™
This is the newest one I've seen for dogs - actually it's not ready to ship until next week - and the Doggie Fountain definitely qualifies as 'on demand.' You hook it up to a garden hose and the water is activated by your dog stepping on the pedal. You can regulate the pressure at the faucet. One thing I strongly advise is to make sure the garden hose is kept in the shade, as no dog wants to drink hot water in the summer.

2. Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain
This sleek raindrop design makes a fountain suitable for both dogs and cats. While it doesn't add fresh water to the bowl, the charcoal filter purifies the water each time it circulates through it. The Pioneer Pet Drinking fountain is available in black ceramic and stainless steel. The bowls are available in ceramic black (holds 48 oz. of water) and stainless steel (holds 60 oz. of water) The bowls are both dishwasher safe.

3. WaterDog Outdoor Pet Waterer
This one is not new, but I do think the WaterDog is one of the best outdoor pet water fountains, and though its name says the Waterer is for dogs, it's really accessible for both dogs and cats. Hook the Waterdog up to an outdoor faucet and it senses when your pet is around and releases fresh water from the faucet. If it's mounted too high for your cat or dog to reach the spigot, they can catch the water at a lower level.

4. CatIt Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain
The CatIt Drinking Fountain, for cats and small dogs, has the advantage of being at neck level of the average height cat. It gives a fresh supply of circulating, filtered water.

5. DogIt Fresh & Clear Drinking Fountain
For large breed dogs and older dogs with joint and muscle problems, the re-circulating water comes from a spout that can be rotating 360°, for your dog's convenience. This size Dogit Drinking Fountain holds 355 ounces! The purifying filter is similar to that shown above for the Catit Drinking Fountain.
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