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Robert Louis Stevenson’s Skye Terrier


Robert Louis Stevenson’s Skye Terrier

Postby admin » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:31 pm

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Cuillen was Robert Louis Stevenson’s pet Skye Terrier when he was a boy. A great explorer of Edinburgh and its surrounds, Cuillen was Stevenson’s constant companion on many of their first rambles.

You can visit a statue depicting Stevenson and Cuillen in the village of Colinton. It was made to celebrate his childhood visits there.

Robert Louis Stevenson visited the Colinton Parish Church often as a boy when his grandfather was a minister there, and the statue recalls a happy time in the famous author’s childhood with his dog by his side. It forms part of a wider public art and poetry celebration within historic Colinton, organised by the Colinton Community Conservation Trust.
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