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A wacky, photo comic strip of the shenanigans
of Gambit, Beignet and their hapless primate So peek through the “keyhole” into their corny, campy, crazy, comically canine, sofa-centric universe.

Although Beignet and Gambit are rescues, SOFA DOGS in and of itself is not exactly an “advocate” or a “rescue” site per se. Our primary contribution is comic relief in an ugly world full of pain and suffering. If awareness is gained because people come here to enjoy and see the pages we share, that is good.
As a page that shared us said once when we shared them:

"As a self referred animal advocate, I need pages like yours to remind myself that it is also about having fun and enjoying my animals, too!”

This quote sums up the essence and purpose of SOFA DOGS.

ABOUT SOFA DOGS: I adopted Gambit and Beignet on Easter Sunday 2010. They refuse to use the word “rescued” because as far as they’re concerned, the jury is still out on that! They are half brother and sister and will be 8 years old in the summer of 2015. We live in the greater New Orleans area and some of our episodes reflect this. I always wanted to be a comic strip artist but this all just happened by accident.

On June 28th 2012 SOFA DOGS was born. Wondering what I’d do for the rest of the summer, ( I’m a teacher) I walked into the living room bored out of my mind. I believe I actually turned around 3 times in a circle ( like a dog) trying to decide what to do. I saw Gambit and Beignet sprawled out on the sofa and asked them “ what do y’all want to do for the rest of the summer”? I imagined that they would have said: “ Doing it ” and chuckled to myself. So with a sharpie and some copy paper I made a couple of thought bubbles, taped them over their heads, set up the camera on self timer and joined them on the sofa. I posted the photo on Facebook and got some laughs. Thats all it took and after 4 “ episodes”, I created their own page called SOFA DOGS. Many of the costumes and props are handmade and scraped together from what’s lying around the house. Often I will print stuff on the computer and cut it out. The dogs' thoughts are written and placed BEFORE the picture is taken so it all just has to “work out”.
The Premise: I am the pathetic, bachelor slob who is most often unaware that I am the butt of Gambit and Beignet’s insults. They, as canines, are far superior to me - the poor primate, who is barely tolerated. Beignet is the sarcastic smart-ass - a regular “princess pretty paws”. She is the clever confident one, the plotter. Gambit is primarily the straight “man” - mostly a good boy who “almost” seems to care about his daddy perhaps because we’re both boys but he remains a reliable accomplice to his sister. After all, canines before primates.

We did a new episode EVERY day for the first year and now continue with re-runs and a new episode about once a week for as long as we can keep it up. We thank all our fans for their support! We are glad our little endeavor brings some smiles or brightens someone’s day even if just a little.
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