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Audrey Hepburn's dog


Audrey Hepburn's dog

Postby admin » Tue Mar 05, 2013 7:09 pm

Audrey Hepburn, who actually introduced Yorkshire Terriers to the world of celebrities, this big fashion to have a lap-dog started in Hollywood exactly from Audrey and her little friend Mr. Famous.
Today Yorkshire Terriers, or as they are affectionately nicknamed "Yorkies", is one of the most popular breeds of miniature dogs. For Audrey Hepburn Mr. Famous was the object of love, who shared with her the place on the magazine's covers. Really, Yorkshire Terrier Mr. Famous was fully consistent with his name. The tiny dog became an integral Audrey's companion, the great actress was giving him all her love and devotion. Audrey Hepburn, winner of the Oscar for Best Actress in the film "Roman Holidays" and a special ambassador of UNICEF, always had a gentle, timid and kind attitude to our "Younger Brothers". But of course, among all animals Audrey was particularly sympathetic to the dogs. Beside for Mr. Famous she can be seen on the photos with some other canines as well, but for sure little Yorkie will always be a part of Audrey's image.
Side note,Audrey Hepburn also had a pet baby deer, Pippin.
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