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Dog Breeds that Don't Bark Much


Dog Breeds that Don't Bark Much

Postby admin » Tue Dec 06, 2016 5:04 pm

https://pethelpful.com/dogs/Five-Dog-Br ... -Bark-Much
This is a group of dogs who don’t bark much. This list does not promise to provide a guaranteed solution to all of your problems as it is much easier to get a breed that will bark, and then train the dog to fit your needs. Well, almost always easier. There are a few breeds that will bark a lot no matter what you do!

Here are a few of the breeds that don’t bark, much:

A Shiba Inu puppy.
A Shiba Inu puppy. | Source

5 Shiba Inu

This breed is not going to be quiet, just because she does not bark much. The Siberian Husky and the Beagle also make the list of breeds who do not bark much, but both breeds of dog are vocal. If you watch the video you will see a well-trained Shiba Inu puppy vocalizing.

They are great dogs though, small enough for an apartment and easy to housebreak. If you want to train them for other things, though, it will take some experience and patience.

If you want a clean and playful dog that won´t bark much, this is the dog you should choose.

An adult Borzoi by the lake.
An adult Borzoi by the lake. | Source

4 Borzoi

This dog has the supermodel look down almost as much as a Saluki. Actually the Borzoi is more of a long haired Greyhound, and like those dogs they have been selected to chase down game animals. They have never been selected for their abilities as a watch dog and will usually ignore visitors and sometimes even their owner.

Plenty of Borzoi owners will dispute this, of course, and all dogs are individuals. Not all of them will fit the breed stereotype.

Some dog fanciers think the Borzoi is not intelligent since he usually does not listen to commands. It may just be that this dog chooses not to obey. The dog is tall, comes in many colors, and, as long as you have a large area you can release him in every once in a while, (like an enclosed dog park) does fine living in a small home.

If you need a dog who doesn’t bark much (and don’t mind a tall dog who sheds everywhere) this is a pretty good choice.

Typical greyhound response to intruders.
Typical greyhound response to intruders. | Source
More On Greyhounds

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3 Greyhound

This dog is more likely to take over your couch than bark. Greyhounds are skinny but who knows how they stay that way, since most of the time they just eat, sleep, read about dog racing on the internet, and work on their blogs. Like the Borzoi, they might want to go after your cat or any other small animal in the house, but with a little training the coursing habit can usually be worked out of them.

Although this dog may not be good with young children or overactive iron men, this is a great breed if you are looking for a companion who will keep your lounge chair warm when you are out of the room and doesn’t bark much.

Like all sighthounds, he should be exercised in an enclosed space, like a dog park.

A young New Guinea singing dog.
A young New Guinea singing dog. | Source

2 New Guinea Singing Dog

This is a non-barking dog, but since they are so rare it is not an animal you are likely to find for your apartment. The breed is wild and really only available at a few zoos; in fact the video I´ve added here is shot at a zoo. The dog is not howling, definitely not barking—it really is kind of singing. Even in New Guinea there aren´t many around anymore, though, since they have been crossed with domestic feral dogs.

Even if you could buy one of these dogs you probably would not want to. They are difficult to socialize, have a high prey instinct so would probably kill other little pets around your house, are aggressive with other dogs, and would probably not be affectionate, even if you could handle the other issues.

I think I´d rather have a dog that barks.

Basenji meets Basenji.
Basenji meets Basenji. | Source

1 Basenji

This dog is the champion of this category. He might bark if he could but nature did not make him that way so all he can do is make a “yodel” sound. (As well as a screech, a howl, and a bunch of other odd noises.) Some Basenji owners claim that their dogs can bark, but they usually choose not to. If that is true it makes me like these dogs even more. It would take a special dog to resist a bark.

The dog is known to be playful but he also likes to sit around. So not only are they barkless, they are also a slacker dog that does great in apartments. They are kind of small, about 25 pounds, but since they are fairly wild they need a lot of exercise, as much as you would consider normal for a big dog.

About any dog will bark. This is just a list of dogs that bark less. If your dog is barking a lot you need to look at several options before choosing one of these breeds. Read my article on barking and discuss this problem with a good dog trainer.

If you do not have a dog at the moment, and are interested in finding one of these breeds, your first step should be to check the internet and find the local breed rescue in your area. You should also contact your local animal shelter and find out if they have the dog you might be searching for, and check Petfinder.com to find dogs available in your area.

Do not go to a pet shop to find a dog that does not bark much. Pet shops usually sell dogs from puppy mills, and although your new dog may not have barking problems, he may have many other problems that will complicate your life.
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