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Quiet Dog Breeds


Quiet Dog Breeds

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Barking dogs get people thrown out of apartments and flats. Barking dogs cause neighbors to take ill-advised measures to eliminate the noise. In other words, barking dogs are unwanted except in emergencies.

Barkless dogs don’t exist. Dogs bark, bay or howl naturally. It’s their primary means of commutation. Finding quiet dog breeds that do NOT bark or make any noise at all is impossible.

However, there are a few breeds that are not as noisy as others and this page will list them.

Generally, “small” dog breeds make a lot of noise. Maybe it is their size, but among the Bichons, Miniature Schnauzers and Cairn Terriers, for example.

Non-barking dogs, such as the African Basenji, are rare. There are dogs that howl and bay or make grumbling, gurgling sounds like the Basenji. The point is, they all make (some) noise.

A Basenji playing in the tall grass

Below are some “quiet dog breeds” for consideration:

This is a very primitive breed originating in Africa. The breed is known for it’s inability to bark or bay. Instead, it makes a low howling, gurgling sound... and not often. It is a fairly high energy dog that needs exercise but settles down for play and family matters. The Basenji is not overly affectionate, not fond of other dogs, house pets or strangers. She does not shed. The Basenji is clearly one of the quiet dog breeds.

Basset Hound
The poor basset is one of those breeds that is a slow-moving, easy-going, quiet member of the family that gets along with children, loves family and loves to sniff and roam around. He doesn’t need a lot of exercise. This guy is generally friendly with other dogs and pets. This breed “bays” when excited but is essentially a barkless dog.

A pack of Bloodhounds working on scent. They work quietly.

The Bloodhound is a giant gentleman. This guy is calm, quiet and very easy-going and belongs with the quiet dog breeds group. He’s a big “mush” around the house, a lovable friend with a sad face and he likes tummy rubs, loves kids, is tolerant with them, but probably isn’t as playful as little kids would like. He’s a fair watchdog but not a guardian. Definitely not a member of the barking dogs society.

This is a beautiful breed from Russia that is a fine, loyal house pet and loves to run outdoors. The breed gets along well with most children though is not very playful. The dog can be timid and reserved around strangers. The breed, a sighthound, is very fast and will travel for miles. They are quiet and reserved around the house and seldom bark even outdoors.

Bouvier des Flandres
The Bouvier comes from Belgium and is, a natural watch and guard dog. This is a relatively calm, quiet outdoor, indoor dog loyal to family but wary of strangers and aggressive toward other dogs. He is good with children and family overall as long as he gets in some jogging or other vigorous exercise. He’s relatively quiet and not one of the big-time barking dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
The Cavalier is one of the most lovable of the toy breeds. She is quiet, affectionate, and gets along with everyone from other dogs to strangers and children. She can weigh up to 18 pounds. This is a perfect family pet.

Clumber Spaniel
This breed is sort of a laid-back, quiet, easy-going hunter which is most unusual. His exercise needs are far less than the majority of sporting dogs. He makes a great house pet and family dog although he leans toward one-person to bond with. He will bark, but not for long and is part of the quiet dog breeds group of family pets.

English Bulldog getting ready to play by crouching

English Bulldog
This is one terrific house pet. He’s quiet, funny, a clown in a small package, loves his family, is obedient, easy to train and can act just plain silly. The Bulldog is pretty good with kids but not always friends with strange dogs. This is a great package for a pet!

English Toy Spaniel
The English Toy Spaniel is a loyal lapdog. She is a quiet, calm dog but with lots of energy for games or walks in the park. All 12 pounds of her gets along well with other dogs and pets in the house but is wary of strangers. She can be stubborn and not one of the barking dogs group.

French Bulldog
Frenchie’s are fun-loving little family dogs that will entertain you. They are fairly quiet, goofy dogs that like to clown around. They are good with kids, other pets and don’t mind strangers, as they are not aggressive. They are, however, not easy to train!

Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
The Swiss Mountain Dog is a loyal, gentle, calm family pet that gets along well with children and remains very protective of her family and home. This is a good family pet. Barks when guarding family but is laid back and essentially gentle and one of the quiet dog breeds.

Prize-winning Greyhound; gentle, shy, quiet.

The breed is very laid-back and quiet around the house and just a wonderful family pet. The Greyhound is obedient and loyal to family, though not the best watch or guard dog. Greyhounds are raced for about 3 years, then retired. You can get a great 3 year old that’s well mannered and house-trained. They are one of the quiet dog breeds, rather affectionate, playful to a degree, and get along with people and dogs.

The (English) Mastiff can reach 190 pounds and his main job in life is to guard things, which he does well. His energy and exercise needs are low, but his bite is BIG. If the Mastiff is properly socialized and trained starting at about 4 weeks and continued on, he will be a calm, quiet, easy-going, well-mannered house pet He’s actually quite affectionate for a guard dog!

Neapolitan Mastiff
Of all the variety in the working dog breeds group, this Italian version of the Mastiff is unique. The breed goes back to ancient times, nothing new, and is primarily a guard dog, not new, but it is a quiet, friendly stay-at-home guard dog. That’s new! Yes, the breed was bred to be a family dog and stay home to protect the homestead. Here’s 150 pounds of ferocious guard dog. He’s not much of a barking dog when not working.

The Pug is a sure contender for the toy breeds, but not the barking dogs groups. She’s a little comedy act, always showing off and acting silly. She's quiet and laid-back, but stubborn and self-confident too. She will settle on anyone’s lap she can find. She’s a good watchdog, and needs minimal exercise.

Saint Bernard
These dogs weigh up to 200 pounds. The breed is calm, quiet and very gentle. They were used to pull sleds and carts in the middle-ages. Today, they are more a companion and family dog. It’s one of the quiet dog breeds. The St. Bernard is tolerant with children although there’s a risk of injury due to the dog’s extreme weight and size. The breed is too friendly to be much of a guardian.

The little Tibetan Spaniel gets a treat.

Tibetan Spaniel
Tibetan Spaniels have quite a bit of energy but don't need much exercise. They tend to be independent and stubborn little house dogs but are quite affectionate and get along fine with other pets as well as other dogs. They don’t care much for strangers. This dog will bark at the doorbell and strangers, but not excessively so is not viewed as one of the barking dogs assortment.

The Whippet is extremely sensitive both physically and mentally and needs plenty of exercise and play time. The Whippet is a wonderful family pet that gets along well with children, is patient, quiet and tolerant and quite affectionate too. She’s a fairly good watchdog but falls short on the guardian thing. This is one friendly pooch.

That's all I dare post for the quiet dog breeds page. There are other dogs that bark on occasion, but many find too many occasions. Totally barkless dogs don't happen.
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