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when chinese medicine meets western medicine

when chinese medicine meets western medicine

帖子admin » 周三 7月 28, 2010 9:41 am

i used to have black spots on my face, about a few cm below my eyes, i used to try to use hylexin and lumedia, i even tried the laser facial treatment, damn it hurts a lot, but none of those even works. so then i accidentally tried the chinese medicine, and it works like a charm. the beauty of chinese medcine compares to west medicine is, most of the times, it has less side effect, i am not familiar with chinese medcine , but at least i know the basic principle of it is mean to cure the disease from the root of cause, through the methodology of balancing (balance: http://forum.iopet.hk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=16) the whole body,
but not try to cure the disease from the symtom that it appears. this seems confusing, so let me explain by taking me as an example, the westerm medicine such as hylexin and lumedia, which is supposed to remove the black spots directly as they were supposed to directly apply on the skin right above the black spots, but the chinese medicine is used to cure the root cause of those black spots, as those chinese medicine are in liquid form which i drank into my stomach.
so if you have some discomfort next time, you probably want to try the chinese doctor, experience the magic of chinese medicine.
other than chinese medicine, we also have acupuncture, etc.... which i will reveal the meaning of those in other topics, so stay tuned.
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