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National Pet Day

National Pet Day

Postby admin » Tue Apr 12, 2016 1:38 pm

http://www.national-awareness-days.com/ ... t-day.html
But there is a really sad reason behind why this day has been set up in the first place. With around 16000 pets dying in US shelters on a daily basis. That adds up to 667 animals an hour!

Think about all the things that you buy - shoes, bags, coffee - all the things that are unnecessary when you think about the change that you would make by foregoing one of these things to donate money to help these poor, helpless animals instead.

Just think - if one million people in America donated $1 dollar a month, that's 12 million dollars raised altogether! Such little effort, and with maximum results!

But in general people don't really think about how small one change done by people can make a real difference. Now's your chance!

So, are you thinking that you'd like to help? What can you do to get involved? First of all signing up to donate to a shelter on a monthly basis would be fantastic.

The sponsor of the day is Animal Miracle Network. Take a look at their website to find out more about what they do for animals. By encouraging you to take part, you'll raise awareness amongst people you know - and you never know the domino effect is just what is needed to spread the word about National Pet Day. They might be so impressed by your efforts that they'll hold their own event next year or tell others about it!

Its great to get both adults and children involved too, because teaching children to be compassionate towards animals from a young age should carry on into adulthood. Most of all the aim is to stop animal cruelty as much as possible.
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