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bingo game

bingo game

Postby admin » Mon Nov 18, 2013 9:17 pm

90 Ball Bingo is the popular U.K. version of the game whereby 90 balls are used rather than the 75 as in the U.S. form. It was not derived from U.S. Bingo but rather was originated from lottery games dating back several centuries. Just as with the American version, 90 ball Bingo really took off after the close of World War II due to the popularity of the game with military service people during the war. In military circles, 90 Ball Bingo was called “Housey-Housey”; so named because once a player had won they cried out “house”!

90 Ball Bingo is considered easy to play because there are basically only three patterns or forms of the game – One-Line, Two-Line, or Full House Bingo. The U.S. 75 ball version can have many different theme patterns and can lead to some confusion. 90 Ball Bingo generally moves at a slower pace and thus takes longer per session. The game is played with a book of cards containing up to 68 game cards (50 in New Zealand). The pattern or grid for each card is 3 rows of 9 columns. Within each row there are 5 numbers and 4 blank spaces. The numbers are listed beginning with 1 to 9 in the first column, 10 to 19 in the second, 20 to 29 in the third column, 30 to 39 in the fourth, 40 to 49 in the fifth, 50 to 59 in the sixth, 60 to 69 in the seventh, 70 to 79 in the eighth, and finally numbers 80 to 90 in the ninth column.

The caller begins the session by asking all players to lower their eyes and then he/she will start calling out the selected numbers. The participants only have to match one of the 3 rows containing five numbers in order to win and call “Bingo” (if a One-Line game). A Two-Line game involves matching any two lines by covering the five listed numbers in two rows. A Full House game is when all three rows holding 5 numbers each are covered. Just as the level of matching numbers increases with the addition of each line, so too does the prize being awarded with the Full House session garnering the largest jackpot or award.

Playing 90 Ball Bingo online can be just as exciting as playing “in person” (especially if you win!). The difference would be playing at home on a computer versus in a room filled with people. What online lacks in ambiance is more than made up for with accessibility, ease of play, and being surrounded by homey creature comforts (like playing in your pajamas). And even though you may be playing online, in your home, without an audience; you can still jump up and shout “Bingo” or “House-Housey” every time you win a game!

Bingo Calls in 90 Ball Bingo

Since Bingo always refers to a lively and vibrant community, we searched all the bingo halls, both online and land-based, just to tabulate the common bingo calls and lingo that add jest to our bingo games.

Ever heard weird terms such as “Dancing Queen” or “Duck and Dive” while playing bingo? Or have you rubbed elbows with a “Dirty Gertie” or “Tom’s Trick” before? What word would you remember if you’re only lacking the number 60 or 72 before hitting a jackpot in a bingo bonanza?

Find these and more as we learn the usual calls barked out by our friendly bingo callers. Who knows, his next cal might be the jargon for your lucky number.

01: At The Beginning / Kellys Eye 31: Get Up And Run 61: Bakers Bun
02: One Little Duck 32: Buckle my Shoe 62: Turn On The Screw
03: Cup Of Tea / One Little Flea 33: Dirty Knee / Two Little Fleas 63: Tickle Me
04: Knock At The Door 34: Ask For More 64: Red Raw
05: Man Alive 35: Jump And Jive 65: Old Age Pension
06: Tom’s Tricks 36: Three Dozen 66: Clicketty Click
07: Lucky Seven 37: A Flea In Heaven 67: Made In Heaven
08: Garden Gate 38: Christmas Cake 68: Saving Grace
09: Doctor’s Orders 39: Those Famous Steps 69: Any Way Up / Either Way Up
10: Tony’s Den 40: Naughty Forty 70: Three Score And Ten
11: Legs Eleven 41: Time For Fun 71: Bang On The Drum
12: One Dozen 42: Whinney The Poo 72: Six Dozen
13: Devil’s Number / Unlucky For Some 43: Down On Your Knees 73: Queen B
14: Valentine’s Day 44: Droopy Drawers 74: Candy Store
15: Young and Keen 45: Halfway There 75: Strive And Strive
16: Sweet Sixteen 46: Up to Tricks 76: Trombones
17: Dancing Queen 47: Four And Seven 77: Sunset Strip
18: Coming Of Age 48: Four Dozen 78: Heavens Gate
19: Goodbye-Teens 49: Payout 79: One More Time
20: One Score 50: Half A Century 80: Eight And Blank
21: Key Of The Door 51: Tweak Of The Thumb 81: Stop And Run
22: Two Little Ducks 52: Danny La Rue 82: Straight On Through
23: A Duck And A Flea / Thee And Me 53: Stuck In The Tree 83: Time For Tea
24: Two Dozen 54: Clean The Floor 84: Seven Dozen
25: Duck And Dive 55: Snakes Alive 85: Staying Alive
26: Pick and Mix / Bed and Breakfast 56: Was She Worth It 86: Between The Sticks
27: Gateway To Heaven 57: Heinz Varieties 87: Torquay In Devon
28: Over Weight 58: Make Them Wait 88: Two Fat Ladies
29: Rise And Shine 59: Brighton Line 89: Nearly There
30: Dirty Gertie 60: Five Dozen 90: Top Of The House / Top Of The Shop
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