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Behavioural Signs of Pain in Cats


Behavioural Signs of Pain in Cats

Postby admin » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:49 pm

http://journals.plos.org/plosone/articl ... =printable
Behaviour sufficient for pain Presence in low level Presence in high level Participant comments pain pain

Lameness Frequent Frequent
Difficulty to jump Frequent Frequent
Abnormal gait Frequent Frequent Can be provoked by other conditions: e.g. cerebellar hypoplasia
Reluctant to move Frequent Frequent
Reaction to palpation Frequent Frequent
Withdraw/hiding Frequent Frequent
Absence of grooming Frequent Frequent
Playing less Frequent Frequent
Appetite decrease Frequent Frequent
Overall activity decrease Frequent Frequent
Less rubbing toward people Frequent Frequent
General mood 1 Frequent Frequent
Temperament 2 Frequent Frequent
Hunched up posture Frequent Frequent
Shifting of weight Frequent Frequent It is relatively subjective
Licking a particular body region Frequent Frequent
Lower head posture Frequent Frequent
Blepharospasm* Frequent Frequent Caused by any chronic eye disease
Change in form of feeding Rare Frequent Require extensive knowledge of prior feeding behaviour. Not behaviour reliable to pain
Avoiding bright areas Rare Frequent Any disease of the eyes can cause it
Growling Rare Frequent
More useful if it is a new behaviour, related to mood
Groaning Rare Frequent Not reliable sign of pain
Eyes closed Rare Frequent Other possible causes for it (not specified)
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