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Fever In Cats


Fever In Cats

Postby admin » Sat Apr 30, 2016 5:28 pm

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The normal body temperature of a cat should be between 38 and 39.5ºC, when exceeded is considered that the cat has a fever and therefore their health is being undermined. Regardless of the cause the cause, fever is always a sign that the animal is suffering from some type of disease or health problem, so identifying it as soon as possible is critical to detect the focus and start the best treatment quickly.

Keep in mind that the causes can range from mild problems to more serious diseases character may even end the life of your cat. That is why to recognize the symptoms and take the cat to the vet is vital. To help in this article we will tell you all about fever in cats , causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention.

What are the causes of fever
In general, both dogs and cats, the fever occurs when the animal ‘s immune system is activated due to the presence of any particular abnormality in the body. Since not all the health problems the cause, then we show you the most common causes that usually develop fever in the cat:

Tumors, which tend to affect more young elderly cats
Viral or bacterial diseases such as distemper or leukemia
viral, bacterial or fungal infections milder character
Flu and common cold
Although these are the most common reasons that tend to develop fever, keep in mind that this is not the only symptom, so it is essential to pay attention to the general behavior of your cat to identify the cause and start the best treatment. Especially if it is a tumor, distemper or leukemia, you must act quickly; These diseases have a very high mortality rate.

Fever symptoms in cats
To answer one of the most frequently asked questions of owners of cats, how to tell if a cat has a fever , it is essential to look at all the details of their behavior. A cat with fever present several or all of the following symptoms:

Dry nose . Although this may not be conclusive or definitive, it can give us a clue if we observe that our cat has other symptoms besides this. Like dogs, cats usually have wet nose at all times when they develop with fever, it tends to dry.
Loss of appetite . The malaise is experiencing your body takes you not want to eat as usual.
Decreased water consumption . Cats are not animals to get used to drinking large amounts of water, so you can reduce serious consequences.
Listlessness, lack of energy . Especially if your cat is a very busy and energetic animal, watch it without wanting to play, run or jump is a clear indication that something happens.
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