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Pregnant Cat Care Tips


Pregnant Cat Care Tips

Postby admin » Tue May 12, 2015 3:56 pm

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Is Your Cat Pregnant?

There are a few particular considerations you want to be mindful of when attending a pregnant cat. Most significantly, she requires to be maintained in the best of wellness as you can to ensure the bringing of healthy kittens. If you're breeding, there are some steps to take prior to mating. Even so, the majority of us with our pet cats are typically faced with the fact that she's pregnant, so I recommend following these 10 Essential Pregnant Cat Care Tips!

1... Keep your pregnant cat inside. Do not expose an anticipating kitty to risk. But there are several other reasons. A few queens go back into heat even during pregnancy. Cats have the ability of being pregnant of 2 different litters concurrently. And naturally, a pregnant cat shouldn't have her kittens in a cold place outside.

2...Give your queen the correct food. It should be rich in calcium and protein. Kitten food is especially designed to provide the need of pregnant and nursing felines. Vitamin add-ons are suggested as well.

3... Don't give any medicine during gestation. A pregnant cat should get medicine exclusively in an emergency situation. The same applies deworming pills, or products against fleas. If she has worms or fleas, 1st talk to your vet.

4...Give your cat a cozy nest bed. A box filled up with newsprint typically does the trick. Place it in a warm protected spot, preferably a position your cat often visits. Make certain all is prepared 2 weeks before birth.

5...Locate a home for your kittens...Prior to them being born. It will give you peacefulness just knowing where the kittens are going. Finding a good safe home for a kitten can be time intense. You'll have a lot of time for that before they are born.

6...Use a non-clumping litter material in her litter box. Occasionally cats deliver in the litter box. If a kitten is born into clumping litter, the mother cat could decline to clean her young off as the clumping litter is all over the sac. And the new kitten drowns in its own fluid.

7...Keep other cats away from her. If you have more than one kitty? Your pregnant cat needs privacy. She does not wish the companionship of other cats during this time period, even if she recognizes these other cats very well.

8...Make sure you have enough food for your kitty...And for you as well. You should have no cause to leave your kitty alone on the days prior to and afterwards of her giving birth.

9...Know it your vet is available. Keep the phone number handy of the nearest emergency veterinary clinic. If there's no clinic in your region, determine which veterinarian is available for emergency care. One telephone call to a local vet is commonly enough.

10...Have the correct information about cat pregnancy. Only if you understand what's going to take place during delivery, then you will be able to recognize any complications. Also... there are a lot of troubles you'll be able to work out yourself, if you know how. So, don't panic. Get the correct information instead.
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