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Looking for ‘two of a kind’? Ray and Newton need your help! You see, Ray is blind. Upon his intake to the KHS, Ray had severe eye infections and a congenital defect in both eyes. Both eyes were incredibly underdeveloped, to the point where our veterinary care staff were unable to determine whether or not his eyes even existed! He was understandably terrified, but our team of staff fell immediately in love with this innocent six-week-old, black and white fellow. Knowing that we had to do our best to save this kitten, we felt that it was best to introduce him to a friend – another kitten around the same age that had been found wandering the streets alone. They were placed into a loving foster home until Ray was healthy and stable enough to undergo major surgery to remove both affected eyes, which would leave him totally blind.

It took a few weeks for Ray to adjust to his foster home. With the help of Newton, his orange tabby friend, Ray grew more comfortable and has since been thriving. Newton has been his buddy, and has taught him to trust people and guided him around his foster environment. Newton taught him to walk around his house freely and confidently, and not fear for his safety. Ray loves his foster sibling, and also enjoys the company of the other cats in the household. He loves to play and will spend hours doing so. He is happy to relax with you on the couch, and will cuddle up on the bed with you at night.

At nine months of age, Ray is now healthy and available for adoption, alongside his best friend, Newton. Transitioning into a new home will require a lot of patience and time, especially for Ray. He would likely make this transition easier with Newton by his side, guiding him in his new home and comforting him when he is anxious about his surroundings. We believe that Ray is best-suited for a home with no young children or high-energy dogs. As you can imagine, loud sounds and unexpected motions can make him jumpy. Ideally, Ray and Newton will be placed together in a forever home, making it especially easier on Ray. He has had such a difficult journey thus far, so we are looking for that special family who can provide for both cats and take on a special needs animal.

Should different suitable homes come forward for Ray and Newton individually, we will assess and work with each home to ensure a comfortable transition into each home. Our wonderful Adoptions staff are more than willing to help with this process and provide coaching to ensure Ray has a safe and positive adjustment. For more information about the adoption process or to inquire about Ray and/or Newton, please contact customercare@kingstonhumanesociety.ca.
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