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taco cat


taco cat

Postby admin » Tue Mar 18, 2014 9:51 pm

Taco Cat is the highest known deity in the kittenist nature. His name is a sign, he has a large role in The Catnarok, and is credited with creating the Tacos and one of the best meals know to man. It is also for entertainment as for why they have it on bookbags, shirts, mug cups, and etc.

His NameEdit
If you haven't noticed, "Taco Cat" is a palindrome; meaning his name can be spelled the same way forward and backward. As quoted from The Kittenist's Handbook, "He is one, and one is him."

His Role In The CatnarokEdit
A Taco Cat Is Based Of A character in Comic Books. Taco Cat will be the sole survivor of The Catnarok, his powers too great to be disabled by the end of all tacos. Unfortunately, Burrito Cat will overpower him in the end; and he will resort to lying low until his uprising in The Great Resurrection.

A band name tacocat
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