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10 Cat Breeds Who Love Talking


10 Cat Breeds Who Love Talking

Postby admin » Wed Nov 15, 2017 2:40 pm

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Cats are not always the quiet and laid-back animals we like to believe that they are. No, in fact, it seems that many cat breeds are actually quite talkative and loud, and they can make your life a little more interesting throughout the day. While most cats make sure you know what they want, what they think and how they feel using their body language and their narrowed eyes, some cats are a bit bolder. Some cats like to make sure you know exactly what they want by communicating with their voices. You might not understand what your cat is trying to tell you, but there is a good chance you will eventually learn to recognize certain meows, sounds and tones and know precisely what your cat is attempting to say. This means you get to communicate a bit differently.

Of course, there are always those who are not interested in doing much communicating with their feline friends. If you’re the kind of person looking for a new cat to add to the mix at home, you might prefer one that doesn’t make much noise, doesn’t like to be the center of attention and doesn’t want to offer an opinion at every possible opportunity. If you enjoy a quiet cat without much to say, rest assured that the following 10 cat breeds are absolutely not for you; they’ll talk your ears off.

Have you ever heard the term, “Mouth of the South?” Well, this is that cat, except that it has no problem being east, west or north. This is the most talkative of the cat breeds, and it’s always got something to say. From gossip around the neighborhood to his opinion on dinner to arguing about why he should be allowed to lick your ice cream out of your bowl, this breed never stops. It could be a lawyer.

Chatty Cathy makes a great name for this breed. Known for following its humans around the house while carrying on a conversation, there’s not much this breed doesn’t feel it should hold back from his owners. Get ready for a long conversation at the end of the day, because that’s what you’re getting. He loves attention, and he’s not afraid to talk it right out of you.

Oriental Cat
This breed is one that loves to talk. It’s a happy cat with a lot of love for live in general, and he likes to make sure you know he’s loving life. That means he’s going purr like a truck and not stop. He loves attention and people, he loves to be at the center of whatever is going on and he’s going to make sure you know precisely how happy he is to be there.

Japanese Bobtail
If you love opera, you’ll love this cat. He has the voice of an opera singer and he loves to use it. Interestingly enough, though, he keeps it soft and sweet so that it’s never annoying or in the way of your household pleasures. He loves to chat, but he’s very soft and calm about it, which is a welcome change from some of these other chatty breeds.

Maine Coon
One of the biggest cats in the world, it’s also one of the biggest talkers. This breed wants you to know that he has an opinion and that it’s a good one. So listen up, Maine Coon owners; you haven’t much of a choice at all. What’s fun about the Maine Coon is that he makes more noises than actual meows, so it’s almost always hilarious and funny.

Norwegian Forest Cat
While it’s not as talkative as other breeds, this very large cat is known to let its opinion out here and there. It’s a cat that has a very distinct sound, which is what sets it apart from the crowd and forces it to join ranks as one of the most talkative cats around. We love this breed because it is big and beautiful, and because it is one of the most interesting breeds you’ll encounter.

Big, bold and beautiful, this breed loves to chat. It’s not annoying about it, but it is the equivalent as that sweet great aunt you try to avoid at parties because you know she’s going to stand there and talk your ear off about everything under the sun for the next half hour. You just nod, smile and make excuses to run to the restroom for a bit of relief.

Aptly named because it loves to purr and kind of sings, this is a breed that’s not hesitant to fill you in on his day when you walk through the door at the end of a long day. He purrs as loud a plane taking off, and he really is his own biggest fan. You know that person that loves to talk just because they cannot get enough of their own voice? That’s the Singapura. And rest assured, too, that if you are busy doing other things around the house, he’ll just hop up and sit down right on top of whatever it is you are doing and allow himself to really enjoy the moment and get your focus and attention on him.

Turkish Angora
This is a breed that does love to carry on a bit of a conversation, but it’s all happy. Not known as a complainer in any circles, this cat just want someone to listen to what he has to say, and he’s going to say it. We love this breed because it is so friendly and loving, and because it’s so pretty.

Not only does this particular breed love to purr like it’s his business, he also likes to carry on quite the conversation. He’s known as one of the most talkative cat breeds around because of his love of conversation. He’s very playful and loves attention, and he’s like a dog in that he loves when someone comes to the door so he can greet them with a conversation and a welcome.
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